Be A Super Hero Campaign

Limitless Dreams. Limitless Possibilities.


Child trafficking is a serious problem that has continued to plague developing countries for many years.

The trafficked children are often sexually exploited or sent overseas to provide sex work or labor. These children live their lives in fear, essentially becoming slaves with no hope of rescue. Most victims disappear without a trace.

This vicious cycle must stop.

The ‘Be a Superhero’ campaign sets out to make the change that needs to happen.

We must put an end to the ongoing suffering and injustice that is inflicted upon children of criminal activity.

We’re here for children that need rescuing from the horrific darkness of sex trafficking – to give back life, freedom, and hope to those who have lost everything before they’ve even reached adulthood.

By bringing as many children as we can back to safety, supporting them through rehabilitation, and prosecuting criminals, we hope to bring a stop to this issue and save future generations from sex trafficking.


Child Sex Trafficking is a global epidemic that affects more than six million children a year, with some becoming victims at the age of 9.

These children are trapped in the darkness of humanity, and no one is able to hear them.

No child should be exploited. No one should endure a vicious situation, lured by sickness and greed. Everyone has a right to an honorable and safe life.

Every child’s dreams are precious. Every child’s life is precious. It is filled with curiosity, dreams, and a future of hope.

Let’s make certain sick minds don’t take away these hopes and dreams. Let’s save these children.


Understanding the issues and scale of the problem so that we can make the biggest impact

In India every hour, two girls under the age of 15 are forced into sexual exploitation with little hope of freedom.

This is a huge issue that is taking hold of lives at a rapid rate. In fact, the human trafficking industry is among the fastest-growing criminal activities across the world. It is a multi-billion-dollar industry with complex global networks. We learnt that because child traffickers are part of a complex larger network, this problem is much bigger for just one organization to solve.

But we’re still determined to do everything we can to bring this to a stop. We realized that if we were to save the lives of as many children as we could, we needed to team up with NGOs.


In 2016, we created collaborative global NGO partnerships to irradicate child sex trafficking.

Working with the NGOs, we set up multiple covert missions to carry out raids to rescue children, save lives and prosecute sex traffickers. 

Each covert operation cost between $100,000 to $200,000 a mission. 

There’s a lot of planning that goes into each raid to ensure that it is successful – collaborating with proper law enforcement teams and gathering a ground team to provide assistance with the rescue efforts. 

Sadly, there is no success guarantee on a raid – despite comprehensive planning. 

I, myself, was personally involved in one of these rescue operations. Regrettably, that rescue operation was unsuccessful. I can honestly say that evening was the lowest point of my life.

In 2017, our goal is to maximize as many raids as possible by providing qualified tips, intel, mission resources and mobilizing vigilant communities for our NGO partners.

We are focused on eradicating child trafficking from our communities and protecting future generations. With still so much work to be done, we need to initiate more rescue raids this year.


It is far too easy to ignore this issue – because of the sick nature and subject being a taboo in many cultures. However, if we don’t rescue these children trapped in sex exploitation, then who will?

Due to the vast scale of this problem, this is something we can’t do alone.

The Chahal Foundation needs your help. Victims of child sex trafficking across the globe need your help.

If we’re to fix this epidemic, we’ve got to start by raising awareness – and that’s something we can all do. The more people we have behind each rescue mission and the more rescue missions we can carry out, the more lives we can save.

Get involved. Contact Us. Let’s eradicate this problem. Be a Super Hero.