Disaster relief

Providing international humanitarian support

The world really can be a scary place at times. 

We’re currently living through one of the most challenging periods of time in human history. 

Not a single continent on the face of the Earth hasn’t been affected by the events of the past few years. The global pandemic, geo-political-led wars, natural disasters, and economies spiraling into debt and poverty; the world has been through an awful lot. 

274 million people are expected to require humanitarian assistance and protection this year alone. 

To put that into perspective, this is a significant increase from the 235 million people last year, which already was the highest figure recorded in decades. 

It’s hard to believe that what’s happening across the world exists in the year 2022. Nevertheless, the importance of humanitarian support has never been so critical. 

Our responsibility

Here at The Chahal Foundation, if there’s something we can do to help, we’ll do it. 

Life is a precious thing. We believe life is to be lived, dreams are to be followed, love is to be shared and possibilities are to be limitless. 

But, when disaster strikes, it has the ability to change lives forever and take away some of the most precious parts of life.

Your home, your health, your loved ones; life can go from all to nothing in a heartbeat, with no warning what’s so ever. 

Often there’s no predicting it or stopping it, as this is such the cruel nature of disasters we’ve seen in history, and those we see before us. 

When that happens, it’s our jobs as human beings to step up. It’s our job to provide humanitarian aid and disaster relief. It’s our job to rebuild hope. It’s our humanitarian duty to be there for people who need love and support.

The power of being there

In a time of need, there is no greater power than human beings helping other human beings. 

Providing physical and financial aid is critical to helping people survive through a crisis or disaster – whether that be war or conflict, a natural disaster, or a global pandemic. It can be the difference between life and death. 

But actually, there’s so much more to this than meets the eye.

When you provide such valuable aid, you also share hope and help people to keep their dreams alive. For disaster victims, it’s a reminder that there are people in the world looking out for them and that they’re not alone. 

Even if you’re half the world away from a humanitarian disaster, the love and support you provide, through whatever you can do, can be felt by those at a time when they really do need it most.

That’s why we do what we do.

We can’t fix everything. We can’t make disasters stop. But, we can do our bit to help save lives and support those who have been affected by issues far beyond their control.

Our work

Getting the best out of what we know and do, to help others

We pull together the best of what we’ve got – our resources, expertise, our people, and networks to take action and deliver disaster relief and humanitarian support to millions of families, communities, and individuals across the world.

Many of the values of The Chahal Foundation are shared across Gurbaksh’s own businesses, Procurenet and Medriva, both of which have had a huge part to play in worldwide disaster relief over the past few years.

ProcureNet – The Emergency Humanitarian Response Center

Due to widespread poverty, many children are malnourished. They get to school hungry and leave school hungry.

Gurbaksh Chahal and his team at Procurenet, a global on-demand manufacturing and procurement platform, provide rapid manufacturing and distribution of humanitarian support products for global disaster relief. 

Such products include medicines and medical devices, outdoor equipment, trauma-related kits, PPE, and electrical equipment. 

Thanks to ProcureNet’s unique end-to-end manufacturing model, we’re able to supply and distribute these products at a rapid rate. 

ProcureNet Humanitarian Aid: Give Aid. Inspire Human Life

#onebillionstrong – 1 billion COVID-19 vaccinations across the world

When the World Health Organization announced a 2.2 billion medical syringe shortage globally in 2020, ProcureNet were able to work on a project to mass produce the syringes to meet the demand.

By February 2022, Medriva – which is part of the Procurenet family, aided 1 billion COVID-19 vaccinations across the world. With #onebillionstrong, Medriva stands to deliver over a billion more vaccine consumables throughout 2022.

This ability to provide valuable, life-saving products on-demand and at a tremendous scale prompted ProcureNet to set up the Emergency Humanitarian Response Center

The Response Center collaborates with NGOs and governments during natural disasters and conflicts to provide essential lifesaving medical assistance and equipment to first responders and civilians. 

Doctors Without Borders

Supporting Ukraine’s disaster relief efforts

Procurenet’s Emergency Humanitarian Response Center is honored to be working alongside affiliated organizations such as Doctors Without Borders to protect the lives of millions of refugees fleeing war and violence in Ukraine.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders have stepped in to respond, resupplying hospitals, providing training and advice to hospitals on how to deal with the influx in casualties and war surgery.

Their teams are also assisting those who have fled and are homeless in freezing conditions and have worked around the clock to respond to the crisis, getting proper medical supplies to the right place.

We have been moved and inspired by the courage of Ukrainian families, and we are proud to be offering our support in their time of need through our Emergency Humanitarian Response Center,” 

Gurbaksh Chahal 

Working together to provide humanitarian support

The sub-zero conditions faced by refugees pose a serious risk to health.

Procurenet’s Response Centre has supported people fleeing Ukraine, the surrounding borders, and the mission of Doctors Without Borders by providing 10,000 thermal blankets. 

This initial assistance is the first of many from ProcureNet as we look to allocate more resources to Ukraine through the Emergency Humanitarian Resource Center and our affiliated partners such as Doctors Without Borders.

Support disaster relief efforts

Share love, provide hope

A little bit of support really can go a long way. Join us in our efforts to help victims of disasters and save lives.