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Gurbaksh Chahal: Promoting Education for a Better Tomorrow

The Chahal Foundation, a non-profit founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Gurbaksh Chahal, is supporting several causes across the world. One of the most important goals of the organization is putting an end to child sex trafficking; however, there are other initiatives that focus on disaster relief and promoting education and equal opportunities for every child.

To those acquainted with the remarkable biography of Gurbaksh, his focus on education may come as a surprise: it is well-known that he dropped out of high school and became a millionaire in his teens. It is natural that many kids may follow the lead appealing to his own experience, but the entrepreneur is adamant that good education is vital for individual success and a better tomorrow for everyone.

Reality TV Provides Youth with Unrealistic Image of Entrepreneurship

Gurbaksh Chahal suggests that reality TV shows of startups and young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley may be very misleading and promote wrong attitudes.

“I always tell them, don’t lose your focus and get caught up in the hype of Silicon Valley news and reality TV shows. Education is important – very important. Stay focused so you can learn and acquire all the tools of success through an institutional setting”, he warns.

He explains that these TV shows like “Silicon Valley” tout entrepreneurial drive on the basis of sensationalizing the scenario with a Hollywood twist to it. “To be successful in business, you need to chase your dreams relentlessly – not just hope for a glory. Hollywood sensationalizes the journey of an entrepreneur – where a pitch to a perfect funding happens within a 30-minute window of show time.”

“I discourage students from pursuing the dream of hope by sacrificing your education” – Gurbaksh Chahal

In real life, however, ‘pitch to funding’ takes a lot longer than 30 minutes. “This is why I discourage students from pursuing the dream of hope by sacrificing your education”, he says. Gurbaksh insists that school prepares people with the knowledge and skills to succeed through the projected ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey.

“While I did leave my own schooling, I kept up with the learning on the side. I encourage students even today that if they are enduring financial hardships, apply and get scholarships. I encourage students to continue education through scholarships from my own Chahal Foundation”, advises Gurbaksh Chahal.

He emphasizes the role of college as a vital platform to uplift the generations of the community. It offers better prospects in life and empowers individuals with skills necessary to capitalize on great ideas.

Scholarships at Pace University

Gurbaksh Chahal does not talk idly. To encourage higher education, The Chahal Foundation each year awards multiple scholarships to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to pursue a degree at Pace University, a private institution founded in 1906 that is famous for its business incubators.

To apply for this scholarship, send an email to [email protected].

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