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Let’s #EndGunViolence Together.

It’s no secret that America has a gun problem.

We have more guns than any other country in the world, and we also have more mass shootings than any other developed country. The link between access to guns and mass shootings is clear. The vast majority of school shootings in the US are carried out with legally obtained firearms, and access to guns is a major factor in the higher rate of mass shootings in America compared to other developed countries.



SenatorNRA SpendingGun Deaths in State
(per year)
Phone NumberExtension
Mitt Romney (UT)$13,647,676400(202) 224-31214-5251Tweet Them
Richard Burr (NC)$6,987,3801,470(202) 224-31214-3154Tweet Them
Roy Blunt (MO) $4,555,7221,288(202) 224-31214-5721Tweet Them
Thom Tillis (NC) $4,429,333*1,470(202) 224-31214-6342Tweet Them
Marco Rubio (FL) $3,303,3552,449(202) 224-31214-3041Tweet Them
Joni Ernst (IA) $3,129,723*302(202) 224-31214-3254Tweet Them
Rob Portman (OH) $3,063,3271,602(202) 224-31214-3353Tweet Them
Todd C. Young (IN) $2,897,5821,021(202) 224-31214-5623Tweet Them
Bill Cassidy (LA) $2,870,574*1,036(202) 224-31214-5824Tweet Them
Tom Cotton (AR) $1,971,214*596(202) 224-31214-2353Tweet Them
Pat Toomey (PA) $1,475,4481,628(202) 224-31214-4254Tweet Them
Josh Hawley (MO) $1,391,5481,288(202) 224-31214-6154Tweet Them
Marsha Blackburn (TN) $1,306,130*1,273(202) 224-31214-3344Tweet Them
Mitch McConnell (KY) $1,283,515*770(202) 224-31214-2541Tweet Them
Ronald Harold “Ron” Johnson (WI) $1,269,486*641(202) 224-31214-5323Tweet Them
Mike Braun (IN) $1,249,9671,021(202) 224-31214-4814Tweet Them
John Thune (SD) $638,942112(202) 224-31214-2321Tweet Them
Shelley Moore Capito (WV) $346,688*330(202) 224-31214-6472Tweet Them
Richard Shelby (AL) $258,5141,090(202) 224-31214-5744Tweet Them
Chuck Grassley (IA) $226,007302(202) 224-31214-3744Tweet Them
John Neely Kennedy (LA) $215,7881,036(202) 224-31214-4623Tweet Them
Ted Cruz (TX) $176,2743,647(202) 224-31214-5922Tweet Them
Lisa Murkowski (AK) $146,262173(202) 224-31214-6665Tweet Them
Steve Daines (MT) $133,611*214(202) 224-31214-2651Tweet Them
Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS)$112,047*686(202) 224-31214-5054Tweet Them
Roger Wicker (MS) $106,680686(202) 224-31214-6253Tweet Them
Rand Paul (KY) $104,456770(202) 224-31214-4343Tweet Them
Mike Rounds (SD) $100,549*112(202) 224-31214-5842Tweet Them
John Boozman (AR) $82,352596(202) 224-31214-4843Tweet Them
John Cornyn (TX) $78,9453,647(202) 224-31214-2934Tweet Them
Ben Sasse (NE)$73,573*183(202) 224-31214-4224Tweet Them
Jim Inhofe (OK) $74,708*735(202) 224-31214-4721Tweet Them
Lindsey Graham (SC) $66,420*964(202) 224-31214-5972Tweet Them
Mike Crapo (ID) $55,039278(202) 224-31214-6142Tweet Them
Jerry Moran (KS) $34,718434(202) 224-31214-6521Tweet Them
John Barrasso (WY) $26,989125(202) 224-31214-6441Tweet Them
John Hoeven (ND) $23,050*238(202) 224-31214-2551Tweet Them
Jim Risch (ID) $22,013*278(202) 224-31214-2752Tweet Them
Susan Collins (ME) $19,850*154(202) 224-31214-2523Tweet Them
Deb Fischer (NE) $19,638183(202) 224-31214-6551Tweet Them
James Lankford (OK)$18,955735(202) 224-31214-5754Tweet Them
Tim Scott (SC) $18,513964(202) 224-31214-6121Tweet Them
Kevin Cramer (ND) $13,255238(202) 224-31214-2043Tweet Them
Bill Hagerty (TN) $10,5501,273(202) 224-31214-4944Tweet Them
Roger Marshall (KS) $5,950434(202) 224-31214-4774Tweet Them
Tommy Tubberville (AL)$4,9501,090(202) 224-31214-4124Tweet Them
Cynthia Lummis (WY) $2,500125(202) 224-31214-3424Tweet Them

An * indicates updated 2020 election cycle funds.