lets make our kids smile

India has 440 million children. There are 187 million students who lack proper education. Many of them lack the basic facilities that we take for granted…playgrounds, libraries, and meals, for instance. Too many kids go hungry. Many of the schools don’t even have toilets for girls, causing millions of girls to drop out each year. It’s a life most can’t fathom.

For millions of children, education is an impossible dream. Instead they are put to work at an early age. Official statistics tell us that there are more than 12 million child workers in India. Many NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) estimate that the actual figure could be as high as 60 million. That’s almost twice the population of Canada. UNICEF estimates that India has the highest number of laborers in the world under the age of 14, and many toil in hazardous jobs.

Save the future. Share hope. Share a dream. Make them smile. Make a difference.

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