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Each year, The Chahal Foundation donates multiple scholarships to encourage the importance of education and learning within higher education.

The Chahal Family Entrepreneurial Endowed Scholarship is given to those who look to pursue their degree within entrepreneurial studies at Pace University.

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Learning acts as the fundamental stepping stone to success.

With the supported network and infrastructure that higher education provides, a student can access the toolkit they need to start building their future. University offers a place where minds can be curious, inspired and open to new possibilities.

And for that reason, many opt for University as the chosen pathway to finding success – it’s their way of creating their own opportunities that will lead to an enriched and fulfilled life.

But for some students, University is out of the question, simply because higher education is expensive and funding is an unaffordable luxury that cannot be accessed.

We believe that nobody should be stopped in the pursuit to get the best out of their life because of being unable to gain the education they need.


The Chahal Foundation works alongside Pace University.

Pace is ranked in the top 9% of private US colleges that provide the best return on tuition investment. They offer a diverse range of learning experiences, including business, healthcare, education, computer science, law, the arts and humanities, across 3 campuses, as well as online.

With a promise to be at the forefront of creating opportunity, celebrating the innate potential of learners, and championing diversity and equality, Pace’s own values align with those of The Chahal Foundation.

The gift of an opportunity

The Chahal Foundation awards scholarships to Pace University students who want to be the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The scholarship opens a door of opportunities for young people. He encourages them to “become the change we want to see in the world” as they begin their journey into higher education.

Pace University is somewhere that Gurbaksh himself holds close to his heart. He was awarded an honorary degree from the University in 2010 and has since gone back to inspire students and staff through motivational speaking and guest lectures.

Each year, an undergraduate student and a graduate student each receive a scholarship. To be eligible for these awards, students must be majoring in management and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Financial need is not required because this is a merit scholarship. To be eligible, undergraduate students must be in their junior or senior year of study and have declared an entrepreneurship concentration in their management major. Graduate students with a management major who have declared an entrepreneurial studies concentration are eligible.

The recipients of the awards will be chosen by a committee of three people, including the program director of entrepreneurship and two faculty members, and will be approved by the Dean of the Lubin School of Business. To attract and select the most talented and qualified students to receive this award, the committee has established an award application process.


No student is ever asked to repay the generous donations towards their welfare and education.

Instead, Gurbaksh has routinely encouraged all of his students to pay it forward through mentorships, be it on an individual or one person at a time.

This is a fundamental message within the lasting legacy that Gurbaksh wants to create; give back by providing opportunities for others, as others did for you.

When Gurbaksh was asked, what inspires him to let people make the change they seek, he is known to reply with a simple quote from Steve Jobs, whom he credits to be one of his own mentors.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”


Hear their stories, see their incredible growth, and learn how the Chahal Foundation scholarship assisted them in achieving their dreams.

Ms. Emma Jacquemart-Simonen

– Privacy Program Manager at Facebook
– MBA candidate on Pace University NYC campus, 2013 Winner


Mr. Jesse Loverro

– Project Manager J Pilla Group
– BBA Candidate on the Pleasantville campus, 2013 Winner