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Gurbaksh Chahal: Will You Rise to the Challenge When Disaster Strikes?

This week, a huge tragedy unfolded in the heart of London. Dozens of people perished in fire that engulfed a tower block in one of the richest neighborhoods of the city, many more are feared dead. Footage of the fire was streamed live, making people all over the world gasp in terror.

With so many lives lost and so many people injured and left homeless, it has become one of the worst fires in the recent history of the city. But it also demonstrated the acts of great courage, as fire brigades and people from the neighborhood were risking their lives while saving, or attempting to save others from peril.

We learn that people all over the country are collecting food and toys and other necessities for the fire victims. And this collective effort brings relief and signifies a glimpse of hope for all of us as a society.

Disaster Relief: Global Aid and Assistance

We know what to do when disaster strikes close to home. But our disaster relief effort is needed every day. There are fires, and floods, and earthquakes in different parts of the world, and many of them go unnoticed, leaving their victims voiceless.

It is vital to be alert to the suffering and concerns of people all over the globe. Charity begins at home, but it should not stop at the doorstep, says Gurbaksh Chahal. And he knows what he’s talking about: a famous entrepreneur and philanthropist, he founded The Chahal Foundation, whose aim is to bring disaster relief to the third world countries.

Fighting disaster in overcrowded quarters and hard to reach areas of these countries require a lot of effort from the rest of the world. Even though people living there are willing to share everything with the victims when another tragedy happens, more often than not they simply do not have much to offer.

Unfortunately, in our high-paced life a disaster that was not shown on TV or the Internet as good as does not exist. Gurbaksh Chahal has made it his priority to give voice to these people and alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression they face every day.

Helping others is one of the core values of human society, and it should not matter how far from home the disaster strikes. The world today is much more connected than ever before. Chances are most of the things you use daily were manufactured half across the globe.

We must do out best to bring the world together not only through trade, but also by lending a helping hand to whomever may need it.

Gurbaksh Chahal: The World Needs Your Help!

For years, Gurbaksh has continued to lead the mission with five core goals in mind for the Chahal Foundation: supporting disaster relief efforts, creating awareness of social causes, university scholarships and mentorships, improving schools in third world countries, and to build awareness to eradicate child sex trafficking.

All of these things are like links in a chain, one leads to another, to another, to another. Saving children from slavery and providing them with good education we secure their (and our!) future.

Better education means better opportunities, better social institutions, promotion of social justice and wealth. It is true that money cannot buy happiness, but it can eradicate poverty and with it – child labor, sex trafficking, and the suffering they bring.

It is in our power to provide people with access to drinking water – a problem that kills millions in Asia and Africa!

Our effort can help modernize agricultural techniques in the developing countries to fight famine. Our technology can be used to improve poor housing conditions and create jobs. There’s nothing people of good will cannot do if they work together for a better tomorrow.

Race, color, sex, nationality and religion should not divide us. Residents of Grenfell Tower in London came from all over the world. When the fire broke out, they all acted as one to fight the disaster, save lives, and relieve the suffering of their neighbor.

Learn more about the Chahal Foundation’s global initiatives and join the fight for a better future today. Together we can bring about change this world has been waiting for so long.

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